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Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pressing Equipment

We are a full line distributor for the following brands of quality pressing equipment:

    Forenta:    Forenta
                Dry Cleaning Presses:

                    Dry Cleaning Presses, Utiltiy Presses, Legger Presses, Silk Presses,
                    Pants Toppers, Form Finishers, Puff Irons,
                    Iron Board and Spotting Board, Tension Equipment,
                    Laundry Pressing Machines:

                    Shirt Cabinets, Sleevers, Collar Cuff Presses and 
                    Combo Body/Sleever Units
                    Heated Collar Posts, Folders, Damp Boxes
                    Hot Head Leggers and Toppers,
                    Hot-Head Jeans Presses

                   European Wet Cleaning Finishing Systems,
                   Tension Finishing units,
                   Vacuum/Up-Air Boards, Spotting Units
                   Shirt Finishing Systems

         Irons and Iron Boards